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You'll be back, then you'll see.. da da da di da... What a fantastic song and what a brilliant roll playing King George in the Hamilton Broadway Musical that is taking over the world with force! Any Hamilton fan will love this figuring that has been hand painted to look just like King George. His amazing hat has been hand sculpted and created with a mixture of clay and wood and is meant for display. What a fun gift for your musicals fan. Collect them all!

My peg dolls measure 3.5 inches tall. King George is more around 4 inches.

These unique wooden peg dolls have a couple of extra clay additions that make them specially unique!

The peg doll pictured is the idea for the design. I will paint a new one for you when you order. It will be just like this one but as it is hand painted and hand sculpted the colors and shapes may vary a little bit.


All my peg dolls come wrapped in tissue paper and in a cute organza drawstring bag ready for gifting.