Frequently Asked Questions

Think about someone's typical or favorite “look”. The cardigan your dad never takes off, your mom’s favorite necklace, a t shirt with a saying or a funny picture. 

For kids, graphic t shirts with their favorite tv show character or something they love. 

Colors and patterns are great! 

Yes! Just choose a google image that best shows the members of your favorite band, their most iconic looks and I can paint them using that photo. 

Just google an image of an outfit similar to the one you are envisioning, or take a picture of the dress on a hanger or any other visual that will help me understand what it looks like. 

Yes! Instead of saying “cute floral dress”, google a dress that you like and send me an image. My concept of “cute” may be different than yours. 

Think of the person you are gifting it to, and about their “happy place”. Is it their family home? A favorite vacation spot? The idea is to recreate their favorite memories, something that will make them happy just by looking at it. 

My turnaround is very variable, between 3 weeks or several months depending on the amount of work that is on my waiting list. Please contact me to find out how long it is at the moment. I always have the possibility to speed up the process for a fee, please let me know if you are in a hurry.