Hand Crafted, One Of A Kind Peg Dolls

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Each of the peg doll and shadow box gift sets that I create are hand crafted and one of kind - made in collaboration with you to give your loved one a gift they'll cherish forever.

Each project starts with an exchanging of photos and ideas. If you choose the custom blended shadowbox, we'll start with a zoom call to brainstorm the background, clothing, and accessories for your shadowbox.

At every step along the way, expect updates with photos to give a chance for feedback.

When it's all done, you'll get one last look for final approval before it's shipped to you (or yours truly).

Hi, I'm Sudie!

Sudie's Corner was born in 2015 when I decided to find an alternative to battery-operated toys and return to a more simple way of imaginative play. A birthday gift for my then 4-year-old quickly turned into a hobby and a new passion. As more people found out about me, my creations turned from children’s toys to the perfect gifts and keepsakes for loved ones.

I am passionate about the possibilities that a simple wooden form like a peg doll can be made into. I love working closely with you creating the perfect keepsake that you will love and treasure for years to come.

Susana is so kind, and her work is amazing.

My daughter was amazed by the peg dolls when she opened them, and immediately recognized who each figure was. The details on these are so thoughtful. I really can’t wait to order more.

Allison, Etsy Customer

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Message Sudie with your wildest pegdoll ideas. ♡