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This is a super meaningful and unique gift for a newly married couple, or a long year married couple that is celebrating an anniversary. The scene depicts a wedding proposal scene that took place in a mountain outlook area over foggy Portland. The two peg dolls are painted in the exact outfits they were wearing on that memorable day. The shadow box and peg dolls can be placed on the mantel or on a shelf or can be hung on the wall. The peg dolls can be taken out to be played with and then put back into their frame for storage and display. What a sweet keepsake of a special moment.

In order to paint your special shadow box I will need pictures of the scene to be immortalized. Pictures of the two participants as well as a picture of the back drop that will be painted in the shadow box. This is completely customizable so the pegs can have any detail you can think of to make this memorable.

The shadow box is approximately 8x7 inches and the peg dolls are 3.5 inches tall. They are hand painted with great care using water based acrylic paint and covered in non toxic varnish. This finish makes them extremely durable and safe, even for mouthing toddlers.

I have other shadow box sizes available and there is another listing if you want more than 2 pegs to sit in your shadow box. Message me with any questions you may have.