Customized Wedding Cake Topper, personalized peg dolls

 Are you preparing for your wedding, your loved one's wedding, or celebrating a special wedding anniversary? Let's co-create a memorable cake topper that resembles the actual couple! How fun would this be?!

You send me pictures of the couple, and I will paint you/them on peg dolls. You can add pictures of the bouquet, details of the dress and suit, the color theme, and other decorations. You can even include pictures of pets if you want them to accompany the happy couple on this one-of-a-kind wedding cake topper!

This is how it works.

1. Purchase this product

2. Send me pictures via email ( 

3. I will be in touch and include you in a close follow up of the process. You will be able to make changes, ask for additions or anything that you think of last minute as I create your peg dolls.

4. I will email you pictures of the finished products to get your approval before shipping them to you. 

 The adult peg dolls stand 3.5" tall and are hand painted carefully using water based acrylic paint and covered in two layers of non toxic varnish. This finish makes them extremely durable and safe.

This listing includes 2 peg dolls and a wooden slice to display them on the wedding cake. If you would like to add pets and or children to the topper, you can chose that in the variations. Email me for any other customizations or different accessories you may be interested in. I'm always up for working closely with you and creating a one of a kind piece for you.