Single peg dolls without Shadow Box

These little basic wooden peg dolls are painted and made to look just like you and your loved ones. This is a perfect gift for a young family, or a child or a cute keepsake for yourself.

Choose the number of peg dolls you want, including pets from this listing.

All I need to start are pictures of the people the peg dolls should resemble. When choosing outfits think of what is typical for someone or their favorite outfit or tshirt. Think of sports logos that can be painted on the shirts, or a favorite music group. Something that will make that person smile and recognize himself.
You can also add items to the peg dolls that are related to their hobbies or favorite things. Golf clubs, cameras, paint brushes, a soccer ball. Again, something that is unique to the person being portrayed. Send me pictures of the way they should have their hair or bows or caps to add.

If you are buying multiples please add a short list with name, gender, age and short description of outfit so I can crossreference with the photos you send me. Photos can be attached to these messages or emailed directly to


If you choose to have additional clay elements added to the peg doll there is a small surcharge. the listing you need to add to your shopping cart is this one:
Warning: Clay elements are sturdy but breakable and in this case I recommend they be played with by small children only under your supervision.


I do have a range of even smaller peg dolls that we can use for your family or pets. These however are sizes that are considered safe only for kids 3 and older.

My peg dolls are hand painted with NON TOXIC water based acrylics and covered with water based varnish.

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