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This is a perfect little gift set for any Big Lebowski lovers in your life. They will surely get a laugh out of this gift and later be able to display them on a shelf, on their office desk or even on a mantel. This depends of the degree of love they might have of this movie. :) The set includes The Dude peg doll, Walter peg doll and a wooden block painted as the rug. These peg dolls are durable and safe so they can be given your son or daughter as a great, durable pretend play toy.

These peg dolls are approximately 3.5" tall.

All my peg dolls have been hand painted with great care using water based acrylic paint and covered in two layers of non toxic varnish. This finish makes them extremely durable as well as safe, even for mouthing toddlers.

All my peg dolls come in cute organza dolls, ready for gifting.