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Any Beatles Fan would love to have this beautiful, hand painted set of the wooden peg dolls that look just like the English Rock Band heroes of all time, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star. Each doll has been carefully painted to look just like the star they represent in the outfits they were wearing while shooting the photos for their Abbey Road Album Cover.

This set of peg dolls would look great on a shelf, adorning your mantel piece or even in your office. It would definitely be a great addition to your Beatles Collection.

These peg dolls measure 3.5 inches tall and have been painted with non toxic, water based acrylic paint and covered in non toxic varnish. This finish makes them extremely durable.
This set also comes with a 6.5x3.5 inch wooden block that has been hand painted to resemble a crosswalk. Together they give an impression on bringing to life the Abbey Road Album cover.